Friday, December 14, 2007

We Love the Taser! So Fuck You!

"A Tory election strategist and former adviser to both the prime minister and public safety minister became a lobbyist for Taser International soon after use of its stun guns came under intense scrutiny.

Consultant Ken Boessenkool registered the Arizona-based Taser maker as a client on Nov. 28, two weeks after the videotaped death of Polish immigrant Robert Dziekanski unleashed international outrage."

Two weeks after the event at YVR this Conservative scum takes a job as a lobbyist for the weapon that killed Robert Dziekanski.

Is that a clear enough statement of support for Robert's killers and the weapon they used?

Not to even begin mentioning that this political hack is lobbying only because Harper hasn't posted his famous and oh so transparent and accountable new rules for lobbyists.

Just like the polling report that Paille submitted telling us that the Harperites have polled more in one year than any previous government and at a higher per poll cost than ever before this tells us that Harper's lobbying legislation is also a lie.

Lie after lie after lie.

And the Canadian people are getting stoopider by the day for accepting them all.

In an antelligent country these duplicitous Conservative assholes would be polling in the teens.

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