Saturday, December 15, 2007

Don't Look For This in the Canadian Media - We're Winning According to Them

"Deeply concerned about the prospect of failure in Afghanistan, the Bush administration and NATO have begun three top-to-bottom reviews of the entire mission, from security and counterterrorism to political consolidation and economic development, according to American and alliance officials."


"Taken together, these efforts reflect a growing apprehension that one of the administration’s most important legacies — the routing of Taliban and Qaeda forces in Afghanistan after the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001 — may slip away, according to senior administration officials."

The likelihood of this report showing up in any of the national media here, especially on a weekend, is now close to nil. The Harperites have succeeded marvellously at either co-opting or neutering them. Not that there was much left to neuter but still...

The dereliction and decrepitude of our national media is astonishing. Even the CBC is frightened by the Harperites although probably with good reason in their case. A Harper majority would very likely result in the CBC being thrown on the block for Viacom or Disney to snatch up and the brass at the mother ship HQ know it and are trying to prove to the Harperites that the CBC can be "fair and balanced" too.

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