Saturday, December 15, 2007

Excited delirium 'R

According to the Gov. of Canada Lobbyist Registration System, Ken Boessenkool's new job for TASER™ will be to lobby the Prime Minister's Office, the Public Safety and Emergency Preparedness Canada (PSEPC), and the RCMP with an :
"Awareness campaign to educate decision-makers on the facts of TASER International's products"
for "Government reviews of taser use by law enforcement".
The same government lobbyist website form asks Ken to list "Techniques of communication that you have used or expect to use in the course of the undertaking"
One of Ken's answers : "Grass-roots Communications"
LOL, as the kids say.
Previous "grass-roots communications" by Ken Boessenkool's firm, Hill and Knowlton Canada, have been "", a grass-roots effort to convince Albertans they really don't want to benefit personally from $2B+ in tarsands revenue after all, and the Canadian Renewable Fuels Association, another grassroots org famous for shilling for ethanol funding for agri-biz firms.

Based on past performance, we now eagerly await new TASER™ grassroots websites like, exciteddelirium'r and
Possibly "" would be pushing it.

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