Monday, December 24, 2007

No pictures. No proof. OK. Here's a picture. US troops blowing up dogs in Iraq.

Remember the Scott Beauchamp controversy? The right-wing screech-fest could have drowned out the jake-brake on a Kenworth.

One of the points made by Malkin, Gun-Counter Gomer and their ilk was that there was no way that red-blooded American boys would ever conduct themselves in Iraq in the manner portrayed by Beauchamp in the articles he produced for The New Republic. Not that any of them would actually know since none of them have even figured out how to find a recruiting office, much less actually serve in the armed services.

The boys at Blackfive were a little more honest about it. They didn't outright dismiss the veracity of Beauchamp's reports; they were more concerned that Beauchamp had violated "the code" by telling stories out of school.

For what it's worth, I am well aware of how difficult it is to maintain one's humanity under conditions less extreme than what US troops are enduring in Iraq. While I would quickly point out that a solid majority of troops in a tenuous occupation or peacekeeping theatre do not commit intentional acts of cruelty, a numbered few do.

The US Army's legal review, dated 31 July 2007, into the allegations made by Beauchamp in the TNR, dismissed his articles as complete fabrications. One of their dismissals reads in part:
d. That the deliberate targeting of wild dogs is completely unfounded.
Ya think, colonel?! I'm going to call "bullshit". Because, in the video below, an Explosive Ordnance Disposal team deliberately waits for the dogs to move into a position close enough to the detonation to blow them up before carrying out the counter-mining of an IED.

Let the fucking screeching begin.

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