Friday, December 14, 2007

Random Rumours

Busy, busy day today. In fact, all week, so my posts will be limited for a short while.

Impolitical has an analysis of the Mulroney testimony aftermath. As you read through it you start to realize that you're not alone - nobody believes what Mulroney is saying. If he'd been on the witness stand in a courtroom he would have been torn to ribbons. That isn't preventing the Harperites from bouncing out right after yesterday's hearing with PMO talking points, all of which are intended to deflect attention from their next move on this issue - expect the promise of a public hearing on Mulroney-Schreiber to be withdrawn.

Via Saskboy, BC wild salmon are being decimated by the effects of fish farms. I've seen the effects of salmon farming up close and personal. Believe me, it ain't pretty. My friend Alex Morton has even more.

Wudrick Blog gets into the DMCA fight. Good for ALW because this has nothing to do with what political party tables DMCA legislation. This has to do with imposing draconian copyright laws where they do not meet Canadian needs and which far exceed the international requirement.

Skippy (Yes, he coined the term Blogtopia) helps everyone find a new freeway blogger - Mr. Rogers.

Nobody can turn a phrase like Unrepentant Old Hippie, especially when it comes to dealing with the Fetusmobile of the forced-birth crowd. Really, the last paragraph makes the whole post.

Everybody have a great day and... be careful out there!

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