Sunday, May 28, 2006

We have nothing to fear but Vic Toews creating an atmosphere of fear

Alison has a great post over at Creekside dispatching the false innuendos of Justice Minister Vic Toews who held a "Town Hall meeting" in Calgary last Wednesday. While she quite accurately describes Toews' gathering as a very "Bush" affair, I will add that it was even more Bush because of this:

On Wednesday night in Calgary, Justice Minister Vic Toews insisted all questions be screened in advance during a town hall discussion on the government's get-tough-on-crime bill.
Despite having vetted questions, at least one participant challenged Toews' assertion that, well, it just isn't safe out there anymore.

I'll just run the headers from Statistics Canada, information they get from, uh, the Justice Ministry, where Vic Toews has his office:

Violent crime down but homicide rate up

Robberies with a firearm continue to decline

Property crime resumes downward trend

Drug incidents resume upward trend

Youth crime down
Perhaps Mr. Toews will take the time to explain all that. Then again, I suppose he won't.

Update: Jacob has a terrific post describing Toews' drift into Vancouver where he insulted everyone that wasn't of his warped and quite incorrect point of view. Jacob provides a new list of people and organizations who the Conservatives feel demonstrate bias against them:

The Media
The Bureaucracy
The Judiciary
The United Nations
Statistics Canada
Vancouver Police
Urban Canadians

More update: Get on over to The Woodshed where The Rev adds even more on this. Rev describes exactly what Toews and Harper are actually all about and why their ideas, well, kinda suck.

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