Monday, May 22, 2006

Danger: Unexploded spud

It ain't over 'til the last bomb's rendered safe. A McCain's french fry factory in Britain recently got a taste of World War I.

Workers at a Canadian-owned french fries factory in northern England had to be evacuated on two consecutive days last week when armaments dating to the First World War were discovered in batches of imported European potatoes, the company said Monday.

McCain Foods - the world's largest producer of frozen french fries - said employees at its plant in Scarborough, 400 kilometres north of London, discovered a suspected hand grenade on Saturday, a day after a shell tip was found among a batch of potatoes.

On both occasions, police and bomb squad officials set up a 100-metre exclusion zone and the devices were detonated in controlled explosions, a statement from the company said.

"There was no danger to the general public on either days," it added.
Would you like that super-sized?

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