Sunday, May 28, 2006

The indominatable Mrs. Mills

As usual Mrs. Mills steps in with solutions most people couldn't begin to imagine. Innovative, workable and, well, just downright practical.

The question:

Our friend is dating an annoying, self-obsessed slob. He is her first proper boyfriend, and not a good one: he leads her astray and she is beginning to change. How can we make her see the light and dump him?
Mrs. Mills' solution:

One of you could sleep with him while the other presents your friend with the evidence. This usually ends a relationship. If you are squeamish about that course of action, just put it to her bluntly that her boyfriend smells like a tramp’s trousers after a virulent bout of dysentery. But bear in mind: love is not only blind, it has no sense of smell either.
How many of us would have thought of that?

The rest of her column is here.

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