Saturday, May 27, 2006

Conservatives Bar Honourary Degree To Zinni

This snuck past me this week.

The Royal Military College in Kingston, Ontario had scheduled retired U.S. General Anthony Zinni to receive an honourary degree at their convocation ceremonies which were held on May 19.

Well Stephen Harper's Minister of Defence, Gordon O'Connor didn't like that idea. Or more likely Stephen didn't like the idea and gave Gordie his marching orders but who knows with these Ponoka palookas?

At any rate, on pretty short notice from the looks of it, General Zinni was disinvited. Ostensibly, according to the principal of RMC, because O'Connor thought it might appear that Canada would be seen as taking sides in US domestic issues.


Anyone think O'Connor would have had this problem had RMC chosen to confer an honourary degree on Tommy Franks instead of Zinni?

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