Saturday, May 13, 2006

New National Symbol - Stars n Stripes Kneepads

The CanWest Vancouver Sun carries 2 stories about the softwood deal this morning.

This one informs us that, according to David Emerson no less, under the deal as it now stands future changes to provincial forestry codes will in fact require approval in Washington, DC.

Emerson of course sees no problem with this. Well, he wouldn't, would he? Once a whore always a whore.

Stand by for changes to oil and gas or water conservation legislation to next require Washington approval.

This one informs us that the Conservatives appear to be trying to, in the words of one BC forest company executive, "railroad" the forest industry. The deal that we were initially told might take 90 days to finalize is now having a finalization date of June 15 imposed on it by the feds.

Harper's Conservative government is going to need good kneepads standing up for Canada like this.

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