Friday, May 12, 2006

Financing Bush's Bellicosity

The US under the Bush administration has to borrow just under $2 billion per day just to keep the doors open.

Mostly from Chinese and Japanese banks, though there are some European banking institution in the mix. At present over 52% of US debt is now owed to foreign interests. And it's growing fast. The total debt as of 09:53:26 PM GMT, May 12, 2006 is $8,364,663,140,162.12.

As it's now clear that the Bush administration intends to continue to perpetrate their deceits and to continue their pre-emptive bellicosity it behoves us all in the rest of the world who are opposed to their activities to try and find some way to restrain them before they conflagrate the planet into full blown global war.

But why are the banks of China and Japan willing to be complicit, co-conspirators and financial bagmen of Bush's wars?

It's a question I think their respective governments and financial institutions ought to be asked.

It's one thing to hear the governments of those countries express their concern over the actions of the Bush administration - it's entirely another thing to realize that they are financing those actions.

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