Sunday, May 21, 2006

Good News!

I thought I'd take a few runs around the web and see what the good news was.

After a series of disappointing google searches I came back to my senses.

There is no good news. Even the good news network website, professionally and constitutionally dedicated as they are, mostly ends up focusing on the good historical news for today's date.

So it's uniformly bad news, worse news and catastrophic news.

Hurricane season begins in 10 days.

Rove hasn't been indicted.

Gonzales is going after journalists irrespective of what the quaint old US constitution says. Of course Congress isn't doing it - the Executive Branch is, so that's OK.

Harper is drinking the kool-aid in public now. And being praised for it by his sycophants.

Ambrose is single handedly demonstrating to the international community that Canada is now firmly in the camp of the US and will not be moved. Plus, Harper has made it pretty clear that we're on board for the new thrill ride in Iran should construction get under way.

Won't it be different, though, to be thought of as a bellicose nation?

Oh, right, I forgot - the geo-magnetic poles are probably in the process of beginning a reversal.

But I'm all right, Jack.

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