Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Massaging the Canadian Voter

Sean Holman at Public Eye Online has some more about the coming Civitas annual general baby eating convention this weekend.

They've got Frank Luntz coming along to give them an inspiring lesson in how to hoodwink the people. He's giving a little presentation entitled "Massaging the Conservative Message for Voters."

Why, one must wonder, should the Conservative message for voters require "massaging"? Could it possibly be that the un-massaged Conservative message would be found unpalatable by too many voters?

But really, when you think about it a little further, isn't it just like us. We find some American in some field or other whose successful career in the US is winding down and play him or her up like some new found saviour of the franchise.

I mean really, Luntz's strategies in the US are becoming exposed as little short of bald-faced lies.

But, boy oh boy, those gullible Canuck Conservatives'll give him a shot at helping them build some prototype bald-faced lies of their own.

Won't it be fun buying into Conservative policies that are marketed to us one way only to find out three years later that they’ve accomplished precisely the opposite?

As of course they were intended to all along.

I've mentioned this from time to time but I think it bears repeating at irregular intervals.

Conservative is just an anagram for "Voters Cave In".

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