Tuesday, May 16, 2006

Eliminate All Controls On Gun Ownership

Got your attention didn't I?

But seriously ... why not?

We're a responsible, serious people. Surely we've demonstrated that time and again over the years. Aren't we the peacemakers, the mediators, the just society, the great example of the virtues of a stable civil society?

Why shouldn't we also be armed?

Look south to our great friend and neighbour. Gun ownership and use of same has contributed mightily to making them the great nation they are. All those enviable freedoms were earned at the barrel of a gun and are maintained that way too.

Imagine how great Britain could be or France or Germany if they too just accepted reality and let everybody have whatever gun they could pick up most cheaply at the corner store. And ammunition of course, can't forget ammunition.

And really who cares what law enforcement people say?

They want us all to be as docile and controllable as they can get us anyway.

I say scrap the gun registry altogether and put guns and ammunition in Superstore and Sears.

Besides, the way things are going the kids might all need some before their middle years are upon them and they should learn about them from their parents. Just like they learn everything else from their parents.


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