Friday, May 26, 2006

"Canada is divided into those who knew her and those who wish they did."

Today during an extraordinarily moving, eloquent eulogy for his daughter Dr. Tim Goddard said this: "I would like to think that Nichola died to protect our freedoms, not to restrict them. I cannot support the privacy decision. There was room on the tarmac for a military videographer and a still photographer. They did not intrude on our grief.”

I have neither the patience, the blood pressure nor the intestinal fortitude to venture into the dark demonic side to find what they are saying and whether they're as poisonous as their US counterparts were about similar issues a few years ago but I do make this prediction.

They're writing off what he said because in the categorical blindness of their partisanship they cannot imagine anything but equally blind partisanship inspiring comments critical of the god of their idolatry.

They are thereby forced to insist that Dr. Goddard must be a Liberal and so can be ignored. They have no room left in their consciousness for any other possibility.

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