Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Bomb Them Back To The Stone Age

When have we heard that one before?

Glenn Greenwald takes on Shelby Steele's op-ed piece which suggest we shed the white guilt and simply start bombing Iraq without mercy.

The right wing war-bloggers were slathering over Steele's garbage and produced crap like this from the likes of Jeff Goldstein:

Which is why there are times when we really should turn off the “smart” bombs and show our seriousness by putting the world on notice that, when we believe the situation calls for it, we are willing to ignore the inevitable bad press and the howls of protest from human rights groups, and exhibit a show of strength and military professionalism that is politically disinterested and tactically thorough and lethal.
Military professionalism?

Since when does military professionalism involve disinterested and indiscriminant slaughter?

Oh, I know. When the author doesn't have a clue in a carload what war really is. Goldstein and Steele would start pissing their pants if anything more lethal than a mosquito buzzed past their ears. This lot has one solution for an unnecessary war that went sideways because their heros don't have the brains nature gave a banana slug: carpet bomb anything brown.

While I had always thought that particular crowd was holding in their true feelings it took only one weak leader to utter the words and the rest fell in, mindless, thoughtless and deranged.

Bomb them all.

What a show of weakness. With no quick win in the country of their obsession, they produce unrestrained madness to solve their anguish. Bomb Iraq back to the stone age and kill them all.


Read Glenn's piece. Then hop over to Lawyers Guns and Money and read Rob Farley's take on it.

I certainly can't say it any better.

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