Wednesday, May 10, 2006

Promoting the Dynastic Line

George says Jeb would make a "great President".

Anyone not see this one coming?




About 3 or so years ago I started telling my US friends that unless the Democrats really started getting engaged in the requirements of hardball politics they were in for another Bush POTUS.

It's still possible that they Democrats might be able to get Congress back come November. But they need to get it back in a big way to offset the possibility that Jebbie's coattails will be long enough to drag enough Republicans along with him that they take Congress back in '08 anyway.

And if they do get Congress back, one of the first things they need to deal with is not the scandals - it's electronic voting.

Because as of right now there's no reason to believe that the US electoral system functions for fair elections.

And Diebold et al have no compunctions whatever about putting another election in the win column for the Republican party.

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