Friday, October 19, 2007

This is too much. Political weather.

In my profession, knowledge of the weather can make the difference between a good day and a disaster. That means continually checking the weather.

One site which gets a lot traffic from me and my ilk, looking for the latest marine weather forecasts, is:

I put the actual URL up for a reason, because I want you to know that the site I'm going to is the official Canadian weather office site. It is NOT the site of the federal environment minister.

Here's a screen shot of what you get at 10:20 AM Pacific Daylight Time from the Canadian Weather Office.

When I'm trying to determine whether hurricane force winds are going to drive me off my intended course, I don't give a shit about the Speech from the Throne. But more than that, the Harperites are now clearly out of control. Everything to them is political - including the weather.

What a pack of losers. A live link to the Throne Speech on a government weather site. Good thing the Canadian Forces didn't allow Harper to put a link on their site....

Oops. Too late. So now, everything is fair game and everything is politicized, including the institutions which are supposed to remain at arms length.

The Republican advisers Harper brought in have begun their work.

Apparently The Gazetteer checks the weather too.

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