Tuesday, October 23, 2007

Flaherty ignores his clay-footed hero

That being one, Milton Freedman.

I agree with Devin. Flaherty today called a press conference and announced absolutely nothing.

His meeting with distributors and retailers was nothing but a sham. In fact, it was one of the worst attempts at political optics I have seen in a long time.
Finance Minister Jim Flaherty said distributors and retailers should lower prices "as soon as possible" to reflect a soaring Canadian dollar, and held up a copy of the latest Harry Potter book as an example of how some items are still much cheaper in the U.S.

Flaherty's comments followed what he called a "frank and open discussion" with industry members Tuesday.

What a lying, disingenuous little shit.

Let's clear this up. Flaherty was given a clinic in retail sales in this country. The retailers and distributors in this country spelled it out for him in clear terms: in order to make a living in this country they have to add value to their product - which they buy from somebody else.

And did Flaherty stand next to a refrigerator to announce his non-announcement?

No, He held up a copy of a Harry Potter book.

This is pure pandering. Flaherty is an adherent of the Chicago School of unleashed capitalism. The only reason he ever entertained the idea of meeting with the Canadian business community is because his own mouth-breathing conservative base believes that if the Canadian dollar suddenly finds par with the US dollar, prices should instantaneously shift in favour of the Canadian consumer.

Flaherty knows that can't happen and his meeting, and subsequent press conference was intended to give his conservative followers a feeling that he's looking after their interests.

In truth, he couldn't care less and he plans to do exactly what he announced - nothing.

These guys do lousy government but, damn, they're beating everybody on theatrics.

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