Sunday, October 14, 2007

If you are lobbying, you're a lobbyist

And that means, in British Columbia, you have to register with the government. If you have been a Member of the Legislative Assembly, office holder with the government or Minister of the Crown in the province of BC, you are forbidden to engage in lobbying-type of activities for a period of two years.

Apparently, Graham Bruce missed that memo. A former labour minister with the Campbell government until 2005, Bruce has been working as a lobbyist for the Cowichan first nations and collecting fees in 2006. That would be a violation of "conflict of interest" legislation in which Bruce would have been prevented from engaging in lobbying activities until 2007.

Bruce's activities may have raised other concerns as well. Somena Media is all over it and that's where to get the whole story.

There is a little whiff of something in the air. There usually is with politics in BC.

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