Wednesday, October 17, 2007

The Pantload delays his famous unbook again.

Cathie has a great list of tags from in which potential customers describe Jonah Goldberg's attempt to write a book.

Far from Amazon removing the list, since Cathie posted it has actually grown!

There is another interesting note.

When we last visited Amazon to check on the Doughy Pantload's progress, in an attempt to destroy Christmas for his fellow wrapping-paper loving Republicans, the release date was to be December 26th, 2007.

That's changed.

Now Goldberg has pushed the date back even further to the right into 2008. With pre-orders having gone back into last year, and the U.S. dollar losing value on an almost daily basis, Canadians should be able to pick up a new copy, if it's ever completed, for about 45 cents.

Must be one helluva tome. I have an idea, Jonah: Why don't you just join Teh Army and write a book about that. Several different titles would work but, given your affinity for long, interchangeable titles, you might try, The Surge Diet. The secret to working off a fat ass from Fort Dix to Basra.

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