Thursday, October 11, 2007

Ontario votes No - FPtP de-votees win

Yesterday, Ontario voters considered the many advantages of their current first-past-the-post electoral system :

1) that massive 'majorities' can be won with a minority of the vote
2) that a vote for one party counts many times more than a vote for another party
3) that some parties with wide popular support are not represented at all
4) that women, minorities and youth are under-represented
5) that parties are not forced to work together to achieve consensus
6) that voter turnout is ridiculously low

and then 63% of them voted to keep it.

In comments at Creekside, Skdadl points out that voter turnout this time was just 52.6%
CBC : "The turnout was worse than a previous record low of 54.7 % set in 1923."
And just why was the turnout so low?
Because they didn't have the MMP system.

And so it goes....

Update : Peter Black, Vote MMP! Ottawa campaign manager :
"Well, 37% voted for MMP and the press called it a resounding defeat.
Only 42% votes for Mr. McGuinty and the press call it a resounding victory.
That's first-past-the-post for you!"

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