Saturday, October 20, 2007

Another "Maid in Canada" product, keeping government clean. Your moment of Wingnuterer

Zorpheous, our beloved and lovable Wingnuterer has shopped up a great graphic highlighting the Conservative Party of Canada's ADSCAM shenanigans.

Unfortunately, Blogger is being a little poopy today and any photo uploads simply return an error.

So, to see it, go here.


Oh yeah. While you're at it, take a look at the job done by Red Tory and Calgary Grit. It seems the right-wingers, and some media outlets are claiming that this Ipsos Reid poll shows that a majority of Canadians (58%) would like a majority government led by Stephen Harper.

A quick working of the math, (58% of 58% is 33.6 percent), shows that Harper's base hasn't changed at all. In fact, you could apply another factor which reduces it even further, but why bother?

The proof is in the politics.

If polling had actually showed statistical support for Harper was changing in an upward direction, (which it's not), he'd have the Governor-General drop a writ faster than John Baird could spit on an environmental program.

Harper is stuck in the low 30s, the size of his "base" going into the last election. Not a great showing for a prime minister with a minority government of 22 months.

Could it be Canadians still don't trust him?

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