Friday, October 05, 2007

Super Typhoon Krosa

Taiwan is about to be slammed by this monster. Super Typhoon Krosa (17W) is a Category 4 cyclone making a direct path for Taiwan. It is also massive.

Krosa is packing 130 knot/150 mph/241 kmh winds with gust reaching 150 knots/173 mph/278 kmh.

The cyclone is currently moving northwesterly at about 12 knots/14 mph/22 kmh and expected to make a glancing landfall on Taiwan early Sunday morning as a Category 3 typhoon and then weaken to hit the area of mainland China around Shanghai as a Category 1 system early next week. Computer models agree with this assessment, for the most part, although they diverge after initial landfall.

What makes this storm particularly amazing is its size. It covers a huge area and the outer rain bands have already reached Taiwan.

This cyclone is likely to cause damage and severe flooding over an incredibly wide area.

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