Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Fred Thompson. "I live the Cold War"

Republican presidential hopeful Fred Thompson needs a wee bit of help. He's... confused. When in New Hampshire this event took place.
... he switched from civil unions, which give gays legal rights equivalent to those of married couples, to same-sex marriages, which are legal only in neighboring Massachusetts.

"Basically so far, it is a judge-made controversy," Thompson said. "No state or governor has signed off on such legislation on the state level that has endorsed marriage between the same sexes. There may have been a couple of courts that said the Constitution of their states has required that, so it's a judicially made situation as far as I am concerned."

Massachusetts' highest court ruled in 2003 that same-sex couples have a constitutional right to marry. But high courts in several other states have refused to follow suit, including Maryland last month. Cases are pending in Connecticut and California.

But he wasn't asked about same-sex marriage. He was asked about civil unions. It didn't take long before someone decided to set him straight since New Hampshire has passed legislation which will endorse same-sex civil unions.

Edward Paul, an employee of the Delta Dental Plans Association, asked the question Monday, but had trouble being understood.

"I'm proud to say that in January 2008 New Hampshire has passed a law facilitating civil unions here. ... What is your belief for federal civil unions to be passed?" Paul asked.

Here's where it gets really good. Note the last question asked by Paul because here is the rest of the exchange.

"Soviet Union?" Thompson responded.

"No, civil unions," Paul said.

"Oh. No, I would not be in support of that," Thompson said.

Even if he didn't hear Paul correctly, one has to ask why Thompson's mind would slide into "Soviet Union".

Methinks Thompson is still in the role of Rear Admiral Joshua Painter.

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