Friday, October 05, 2007

Harper takes on Norwegian Wood

Yo, Steve! Tell US what the words mean. Formulating a "War on Drugz" because you've taken a 7th-grader's interpretation of a Beatles record is great policy.
Police and others fighting the battle against drug abuse are up against a culture that "since the 1960s" has done little to discourage drug abuse and "often romanticized it — romanticized it or made it cool, made it acceptable," Mr. Harper said.

"As a father I don't say all these things blamelessly. My son is listening to my Beatles records and asking me what all these lyrics mean. It's just there, it's out there. I love these records and I'm not putting them away. But, that said, there has been a culture that has not fought drug use and that's what we're all up against."

Sir Paul will be rolling on the floor laughing when he gets wind of this one, Steve. You are such a Nowhere Man.

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