Monday, January 16, 2006

A perspective on our importance in the universe

Sometimes we get ourselves so involved in day-to-day life, simply coping, or arguing, or compromising, that we forget how truly insignificant we are in the universe. Being a wee bit of an astronomy nut, I found the following article interesting. It appears that a galaxy, unknown to date, is slowly merging into our Milky Way galaxy.

While some of the stars of the companion galaxy may have been observed with
telescopes for centuries, they said, no one realized they belonged to another
body because they are so close and commingled with Milky Way stars

It makes one sit back and contemplate the (un)importance of our daily existance. Fighting with your spouse, railing against your political opponents, getting pissed off at your boss, all take on a new perspective when one realizes how small we are and how impressive the universe is.

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