Wednesday, January 25, 2006

The American 101st Keyboard Kommandos take credit for Harper's success!

There was a time when I didn't think any reason would arise where I would be compelled to even think about looking at the tripe produced by Powerline, the American ultra-wingnut blog. It is little more than a group of Bush apologists who possess not only a lack of knowledge about their own president's constitutional limits, but demonstrate a world view equivalent to that of an ant on a pile of sugar.

So, when I was told I just HAD to go read a particular post, I quite flatly refused. I can get the same thing walking on a ranch in the Chilcotin. "You HAVE to read this one post," I was told.

So, I looked.

I don't think I have ever laughed so hard in my life. In fact, it's difficult to contain my mirth, even now. Ass-Rocket has produced a post that I know will leave even some Canadian conservatives rolling in the aisles and pissing themselves. It's just too funny!

First, he claims:

The Conservatives have won big in today's Canadian election

Wow! OK, John-boy, get this. The Conservative Party of Canada has just won the weakest minority government in Canadian electoral history. (I'm sure anus-missile doesn't have a clue what a parliamentary minority actually is, but "won big" is not the way anyone with at least a grade 9 education would describe it.)

It gets better. He then goes on to suggest that Ed Morrissey, doing mortal combat for the Kommandos from his basement, actually influenced the Canadian election. Then he goes on to congratulate our American pseudo-captain!

The laughter got so loud I had to put on ear defenders. If Ed had influenced the election, he did a really, really crappy job. And whatshername over at small dead critters, or whatever she calls it, will be terribly unhappy to hear that it was fake-Captain Ed and not HER who gave the Conservative party their historical "squeaker" into office.

I hate to have to point this out, but Captain Ed couldn't influence the mind of a Banana Slug in a rainforest full of mushrooms much less affect the outcome of any federal election, anywhere.

I really hope these two get together for a bit of a cyber-celebration. I'm sure they share the same bookmarks to the same sites. Hopefully they don't use up a whole roll of toilet paper in one viewing.

What a pair of maroons.... Jerk and Jack; the "Off" brothers.

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