Saturday, January 14, 2006

It's the "Let's Smear A Veteran Show"!!

Ah yes. The familiar moves of Karl Rove and his legions of flying monkeys. Don't like the fact that the combat veteran has more credibility than the Imperial Leader and his praeterion puppets? Smear the sonofabitch. Turn those decorations against him. After all, you have to be pretty dumb to have served in a place like Viet Nam when others were proving there were legal ways to stay out of it.

Well, y'know, I'd kind of like to meet John Murtha (D-Pa). He seems like a pretty cool guy. Hell, we're both Marines, even if from different countries. We'd probably recognize something in each other because we've both "been there". And since it is always wrong for one marine to try to outdo the other when it comes to wounds, our biggest fight would be trying to make sure the other guy understood that his wounds were probably worse. It's a marine thing.

On the other hand, I have no desire whatsoever to meet George W Bush. I doubt we'd have anything in common at all. You see, him never having served his country in combat might make me difficult for him to understand; and I've never had the occasion to see pink elephants.

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