Saturday, January 21, 2006

How will we know if Harper is lying?

This great post at the Canadian Cynic explains why we need to ask the question now. In the event Harper becomes the next Prime Minister, CC has put the question to Harper's hardline supporters and he's asking them to be specific.

Of course, given that Harper's hardliners have been so adamant that Harper is a "changed man", I would expect them to be jamming up the server to get onto CC's blog to repeat all of the Conservative Party assurances.

In the event that Harper, should he actually take office, does deviate from his advertised moderate position on absolutely everything he will most certainly have to contend with a force of loud critics who have every assurance, guarantee and public statement of having abandoned the wingnuttery, documented, bookmarked and archived.

In any case, the vote hasn't been counted yet, so this still applies.

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