Monday, January 30, 2006

Harper attracts the loving attention of a Fascist.

We have been quite open in stating that Stephen Harper’s Conservative Party of Canada is more representative of the extremists of the former Reform Party than anything that ever rose out of the former Progressive Conservative Party. Some commenters have argued to the contrary, suggesting that the leader and most of the CPC is the same as past Tory parties. That’s simply not true.

The culture of an organization is identified by the type of people it attracts and the Progressive Conservatives never attracted anything like this. But Harper has.

The Conservative Party of Canada is no Tory party. Instead they are being cheered on by this lot.

An interesting fact: The Free Congress Foundation has removed the linked Weyrich letter from the front page of their site. (I do love Google's cache.) Perhaps Calgary lawyer and CPC operative Gerald Chipeur was feeling a little self-conscious.

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