Monday, January 23, 2006

Election Night Stuff. Martin tenders his resignation

I'm sitting out on the coast watching the election results. It looks like a Conservative minority at 8:45 pm Pacific Lotus Land Time.

It's too early to comment on much of this so far, but the pundits are now yapping about a Liberal/NDP coalition in order to defeat the Conservatives. I have one view on that: Don't you dare.

As much as I didn't want to see the Conservatives gain power, any move to defeat the plurality achieved by the Harper Conservatives using the Governor General would throw the country into a constitutional crisis of the highest order.

A couple of interesting BC results: Svend Robinson was defeated in Vancouver Centre.
Darrell Reid has been defeated. (I suspect Harper is actually pretty happy about that.)
See update below.

Now, if Ezra Levant would just quit behaving as though the Conservatives had just been elected with a landslide... Ezra! It's a weak minority. A really weak minority.

Hopefully, more later, depending on this connection.

UPDATE: The Chief Electoral Officer has reported an extremely poor voter turnout for this election. Apparently it was just under 64% eligible voters. Update: Higher than last election.

UPDATE: 9:14 PM Paul Martin has conceded and has also announced that he will step down as leader of the Liberal Party.

UPDATE: via Bouquets of Gray: Cindy Silver the Conservative wingnut candidate from North Vancouver was defeated.

UPDATE: LeDrew (former Liberal party president, now bow-tied pundit) just told Ezra Levant to shut up. Levant is so excited he's spitting.

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