Wednesday, January 04, 2006

Of captains and cooks

Note to self - the next time Dave goes to sea tell him to hide the meat cleavers! (and I thought the only thing I had to worry about was pirates...and storms...and broken anchors...and incompetent crew...and engine failures...and hidden sandbars...and...and...and)

(take note of the date of this article..December 1908. The Guardian has archived a number of their newspaper articles going back to the 1800's. For history buffs it's a veritable feast!)

A ship's cook took a bit of an exception to the captain and the following ensued:

the cook came on deck with a chopper in his hand and attacked the captain and the mate.

After dodging him around the deck for some time they were forced to climb into the rigging to save their lives. The cook shouted to them to come down, and as they would not he brought a gun from the cabin and threatened to shoot them if they did not jump into the sea.

They begged hard for their lives, but the cook was obdurate, and he had levelled the gun to fire when both men jumped overboard. They must have been drowned.

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