Saturday, January 21, 2006

More exceptionally good advice from Mrs. Mills

As usual Mrs. Mills in the Sunday Times cuts through the bull and gets to the heart of peoples' problems... with great solutions. From the latest Sunday Times:

The problem

You hear stories about men who are into wearing girls’ knickers, but I’ve recently developed a bit of a thing about wearing my bloke’s underpants, particularly his cotton- jersey boxers. My boyfriend doesn’t seem to mind this at all; in fact, I think he quite likes it. However, I mentioned my secret enthusiasm to a girlfriend, and she was absolutely appalled with me. Is what I’m doing really that wrong?

And the answer...

There’s nothing wrong with your behaviour in itself; it’s the fact that your boyfriend “quite likes it” that really ought to worry you. Mark my words: before you know where you are, you’ll be dressed up in a tight black Nazi uniform, whipping him senseless to the strains of Tomorrow Belongs to Me.

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