Sunday, January 15, 2006

Harper's Financial Plan Hits A Hard Wall - The Truth

The Conservatives have been trumpeting the fact that the Conference Board of Canada has endorsed the CPC platform as "affordable". That's all well and good, but it should be noted that the CPC paid the CBoC to do the job. The Conservative Party might also have done better to have provided CBoC with all of the information on their plan instead of leaving huge chunks of spending and cuts out of it.

From Tilting at Windmills via Pogge comes this analysis of the Conservative platform. It didn't take him long to expose some glaring problems either. Shortly after that, the CBoC economist announced, as reported by Canadian Press, "It is not in the platform I received from them."

The Conservative platform is confusing. Is it costed or not?! Some Conservatives say it is; others say there are parts up for negotiation with the provinces. That's called voting for a pig-in-the-poke. Or, as Cathie From Canada calls it, Cheshire Economics.

The Conservatives have actually made a couple of changes to their platform since the CBoC reported on their analysis of the CPC's incomplete platform. Prior to that however economists, some of them from prominent right-wing think tanks, had dumped on Harper for his GST cut declaring it the wrong tax to reduce.

So... what's next? Voodoo economics?

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