Thursday, January 05, 2006

Bus tours of devastated New Orleans? Sick, sick, sick!

Am I the only one repulsed by this?

Grey Line tour buses have sold out a number of bus trips that “tours” the most ravaged areas of New Orleans, making sure not to miss out on the “highlights” ie: the broken levees, the infamous Superdome where so much suffering occurred, houses marked with red X’s to indicate whether or not they have been searched for dead bodies.

It sickens me. And puhleeeese, don’t try to sell me any crap about it being “educational” or for the sake of “learning more about what happened”. You want to learn more about what happened? Read the news reports. You want educational? Read a book, visit Stonehenge, channel-surf PBS.

I cannot fathom what it must be like to be a New Orleans resident, trying desperately to pull the frayed strands of life back together again, and having a bus tour…A BUS TOUR!!! by my house for a little look-see to satisfy somebody’s macabre sense of curiosity. Personally, I’d shoot out all the tires on the bus, round up the passengers and make them live in the Superdome for a week without food or water.

Sick. Just plain sick.

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