Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Islam's Great Struggle - Is Oral Sex OK?

This post from Cheryl provided a tongue in cheek look at a fatwa issued by Egyptian, Dr. Rashad Khalil, an expert in Islamic law. It would appear, however, that the sexual issue of tongues and cheeks is a highly charged topic of sexual discussion among the imams. This report from The Guardian suggests:

Unlike Christianity, which tends to be squeamish about sex, Islam has a long tradition of talking about it openly. Up to a point, this is much more healthy. While Catholic priests are enjoined to remain celibate, Muslim clerics are expected to marry and indulge heartily with their wives in the pleasures of the flesh. In many parts of the Muslim world, especially where folk are poor and uneducated, the local imam is the person many turn to for guidance on matters relating to sex and marriage.
Of course, there are differing opinions depending on which particular sect of Islam provides the fatwa and websites abound with conflicting information. What's a good Muslim to do?

Well, stay away from Big Daddy Dobson's site.

تمجيد إلهة

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