Saturday, January 21, 2006

Conservatives are obsessed with a system that doesn't work

John Reynolds, the National CPC co-chair gave an interview to the pro-Bush Washington Times yesterday. Aside from the usual CPC stroking of GOP genitals, Reynolds popped off with this:

Mr. Reynolds said the first practical step in improving security cooperation between Canada and the United States would be to restart discussions about joining the anti-ballistic missile program. "We've got to sit down and discuss this. There is a quid pro quo for everything," he said. (emphasis mine)

Indeed there is, Mr. Reynolds and The Gazetteer ask a question that has yet to be answered: What else?

These guys either just don't get it or they're getting some incredibly bad advice. As pointed out here, as recently as Wednesday, the Pentagon's Missile Defense Agency reported a failure of their latest tests. This is a US$100 billion program that has yet to produce a result indicating that it could take out one inbound missile, much less an ICBM assault on a large scale.

Testing has involved highly scripted, slow-count firings at single, pre-determined targets. In a surprise attack, which is the sole purpose of developing it, this system would prove utterly useless.

And the Conservatives can't wait to get into it. So, yeah, what other bit of Bush crap would a Conservative government foist on a population which has already dismissed this worthless garbage? Can you say BOMARC, Mr. Reynolds?

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