Tuesday, December 29, 2009

1 in 10 408 947...

...are apparently the odds of being a victim of aerial terrorism in the past decade.

Looking at the problem that way, it makes me wonder if those persons who are suddenly apoplectic at mention of the word "terrorism" or its derivatives might be suffering from something found here, and treated accordingly. Until that happens (that'll be the day), we're stuck holding our piss (how long before airlines are sued by a passengers forced to piss themselves? Or better yet, a flight safety issue because some passenger wet himself and slugged the flight attendant? Hmm, just a little irony...) and freezing on over-airconditioned flights, not to mention financing wars founded on the idea of preventing something that happens to 1 in 10.5 million people, once a decade.

Take the train. Slow your life down and enjoy it.

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