Monday, December 14, 2009

The Rich at play . . .

WRECKEDEXOTICS.COM is a site devoted to pictures of expensive sleds that have come to grief. Heartburn for insurance managers and leasing companies. Schadenfreude central. Sure lowers the re-sale value, any way you look at it.

Ferrari took off from a stop light and lost control after the traction control malfunctioned. The car veered off to the right into some trees. 

Pagani Zonda F. Worth over $1 Million, only 25 of these were ever produced. The owner was driving the car back from a track event when an out of control truck forced the Zonda into a row of parked cars.

2000 BMW M5  One of the worst wrecks we've seen. This M5 rolled over at least 5 times after losing control at over 125 mph.

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