Tuesday, December 29, 2009

If you read nothing else today...

You will read Montreal Simon.

You will be disgusted.

I offer something in the way of an apology. Not for Simon. For forcing you to accept that the government you allowed to exist, under Steve Harper, is so blinkered by its own ideology.

It will kill us as a nation.

We used to be so strong. People would come to us to seek answers to the most difficult questions this world could ask.

Now, we have Jason Kenney. Harper's mouthpiece.

Call him a racist, a pig or anything you like. But a Canadian, willing to act as an honest broker? Never!

Canada's gone!

Once we had a seat in the back row of the World Stage. But we used to have one helluva marker.

Enjoy your hockey game. That's the only thing that separates you from being an American now.

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