Thursday, December 31, 2009

Goodbye HaloScan

Apparently it's "Give us ten bucks or we'll disappear your comments section".

Bye bye, HaloScan!!

Honestly, I didn't need this at this time. Blog maintenance, (as evidenced by a hugely out-of-date blogroll), has been virtually dropped due to other much more important issues. Getting euchred by some half-baked comment widget trying to become the next Twitter just adds to the level of decay of the structure.

So, bear with me. Past comments may, in fact, vanish. My sincere apologies since quite often the comments are so much better than the post itself. I've looked at two apps which suggest comments can be imported from another system. I'll try, when I find a little more time.

Comments will certainly be off for a short time until the next freebie is installed. Maybe I'll go with Blogger's comment system, although I would hope not.

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