Tuesday, December 01, 2009

Did Christmas come early for the NDP?

THE HST, AKA THE "HARPER SALES TAX", appears to be a done deal for the folks who live in Ontario. Iggy and the Liberals have declared that they will support Stevie's odious tax-grab.

The question is, if you are an Ontario voter, how do you feel about this? How will it affect your vote in the next Federal election? The provincial and federal Liberals have sided with Mr. Grudge. So, is voting Liberal any different than voting for Stevie?

Or will the real winner be Stevie? If the Liberals stiff in Ontario, and the NDP cannot get a message together that works (par for the course), and do only modestly better, Stevie might just get that majority. The horror . . .

Or maybe it's a Green opportunity . . .

I just don't see how this works for Iggy. As to the next provincial election, well, McGuinty always has reminded me of Anthony Perkins and the Bates Motel.

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