Friday, December 11, 2009

Tossing out a government by force if necessary - 101

Jesus H Christ.

I didn't fight for this. Ever.

Norman Spector tries to equate a non-smoking rule with a carried motion in Parliament over the humane treatment of surrendered prisoners.

Nice try, fuckwad. Typical of your ilk.

Let's get a few things straight.

I don't like the way Harper governs. He's an asshole and an overblown piece of shit. He's also an inveterate liar. But that's just me. It's an opinion, no matter how many times that has been proven to be the truth.

I get to participate as to who will represent me in the highest democratically elected body in the land. It may not be who I wanted, but I get to exercise my franchise. I have always accepted the decision of the plurality in my riding.

I also knew that, in extreme circumstances, a majority in Parliament ruled, absolutely, and a government was required to abide by the will of that democratically elected body. A minority government, such as is the case with Stephen Harper and those who support him, do not speak for the whole of this country. They only speak for the single largest block which is very much less than the majority of voters.

I expect him to respect my voice. I expect him to do as he's told by the majority of those sent to represent their constituents.

We run this country. Not Harper. This is not about Afghanistan. This about Canada.

What you fail to grasp, Norm, is that a democracy, even a Westminsterian one, doesn't end at the closing of the polls. As a so-called political scientist, you make a pretty good ditch-digger.

If my voice in Parliament, exercised by my representative, is not effective after the closing of the polls on election day then I want a completely different model for selecting government. I do not accept being dismissed by the Crown.

The Crown exists because I, and millions of others, allow it.

This, you evil little piece of shit, is a democracy. You don't get to make it otherwise because you enjoy the perks of power. That include the choices made in the Province of Quebec - by the people.

This is not a legal fight. This is a fight about the strength of an individual's vote.

You, and Harper, diminish the weight of that vote at your own personal peril.

That's what I fought for. I would not hesitate to defend my right to choose and my right to be legitimately represented through whatever means necesarry, even if it meant taking up arms to secure it.

Do you get that, Norman?

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