Wednesday, December 30, 2009

For reasons of national security...

The prime minister and his yapping dogs refuse to disclose whether Canada is still a democracy.

In a telephone briefing for Parliament Hill media, Soudas confirmed that a new throne speech—launching a fresh parliamentary session—will be delivered March 3, and a budget the following day. That means the present session must be ended, or prorogued, by the Governor General sometime before then. And Soudas did reveal that the PM spoke to the GG today, presumably on that very matter.

But what did they agree to do? On that seemingly straighforward question, Soudas was strangely evasive. “You know,” he said, “discussions between the Prime Minister and Governor General are private, they’re confidential. I’m obvious not aware of the conversations between the Prime Minister and Governor General.”

If you really want to know, you have to have the right contacts.

How, then, are we to find out? I asked. “Feel free to call Rideau Hall,” Soudas helpfully suggested.
Let them eat cake, one might say.

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