Thursday, December 03, 2009

Who's the armchair quarterback, Chuckie?

One might also ask of loudmouth and Fox News Sean Hannity stand-in, Charles Adler, who he's calling an "armchair quarterback" when referring to Canadian military service. (Emphasis mine)
I talked to Jimmy's mother this week. James Hayward Arnal loved this country more than any of you quiche-eating, latte-loving, armchair quarterbacks.

Not only is that very old and stolen from the Bush noise machine, it raises a question.... Chuck.

Who the fuck are you? You've never crossed the threshold of a recruiting office door. You're nothing but a carbon copy of Limbaugh, Beck, and the half-dozen others that are driving the least insane of American conservatives away from the Republican Party.

Among other questions.

Candy-assed, loudmouthed, non-combatant, pencil-necked, coward.

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