Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Oh blow it out your...

Ok, it seems several themes are starting to emerge from the girls and boys in blue.

First, the attempt by the Opposition to form a coalition is somehow illegitimate or wrong or coup d'etat or something. Yeah, whatever. Read a freakin' book on Canadian politics why don't they.

Second, it seems conservative Albertans are only pro patria Canadian when their man is in power. As soon as that looks to be in jeopardy they're all about Alberta separatism. I'm not sure what to call this fair weather patriotism from people who claim to be all about patriotism or something.

Third, well, I guess third is more of a question for the tossers: Really, have you really been that bad off under a Liberal or provincial NDP government? Most of you had, I imagine, jobs and fairly good economic security, like the rest of us. Provincially, Manitoba is doing fine under a Dipper government. The country still does its thing, you still get to watch TV, eat food, sleep, go to the hospital, whatever. The only things you would really have to worry about is that somewhere in this country two men are probably kissing in some sort of marriage ceremony, or the woman just raped by her uncle is getting her pregnacy terminated. And somebody else, somewhere is paying some sort of tax. But to hear you carry on now, you'd think the Bolsheviks had seized power and were about to send everyone to work camps in Siberia. You really haven't a fucking clue. About anything.

Which brings me to the financial crisis. Right now, the entire world is walking into a shitstorm like never before. We are entering a severe recession if not a depression in exactly the moment we are running out of easy energy resources and climate change is starting to hit hard. For the hard of thinking, this means the market mechanisms that spawn innovation that produce technology that may mitigate these problems are not functioning. We can't build nuclear power stations overnight and the tar sands you all love (esp. here in Alta) lose economic viabilty. The businesses that create tech and services fail. This means there is no money to support our little hobby war across the seas. This means that everyone's future is uncertain and not in a good way. Yours. Mine. And the kids.

Thus, the adults in the House seem to have got together and mobilised to face these challenges head on, while your amateur-night-improv-half-price-jugs-of-50 of a party and leader have opted to play partisan politics and invade Russia in the midst of all this, giggling like some self-centred snotty teenager at a family funeral and then fuming with outrageous outrage because you're too stupid to figure out why the grownups took you out behind the rectory and knocked you senseless. Maybe a good and solid depression is what you lot need, again like the snotty teen sent off wilderness camp to suffer for a bit and learn some fucking maturity and humility and about what really matters because I guarantee the Queers, and the Muslims, and the Left and the Liberals, and Aboriginals and all your other petty little luxury hates won't even enter your pissant little minds because you'll be too busy trying feed yourselves and looking for any sort of paying work or dole money. It's just too bad the rest of us will have suffer along with you.

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