Monday, December 08, 2008

Rise of the Ffietangi?

Ignatieff replaces Dion this week. In January, the Conservatives table a budget crammed with every Opposition friendly bell and whistle they can think of. The NDP and Bloc smell a rat. Ignatieff decides that it's a good idea to invade Iraq support the budget, and the coalition is dead in the water. The Conservative base goes apoplectic. Harper then turns around and attacks his own budget saying his duly elected government was hijacked by separatists, socialists, and Liberals and they forced him into it. Polls turn around and put the Conservatives in a massive lead. In a hasty turnabout, Ignatieff attempts to reingnite the coalition, but both the Bloc and NDP no longer trust the Liberals or the Conservatives and say no. Harper smells a majority and asks the Governor General for an election...

By the time this election scenario would be decided, Canada will have been without a functioning parliament for at least four months, in the midst of a severe economic crisis.

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