Saturday, December 13, 2008

I guess the RCMP now has a "OO" section

This outrageous ruling just gave the mounties the licence to kill anyone who loses their temper, no questions asked. It's funny no one ever dies of hysteria when the cops aren't involved. I have family friends who are in the RCMP - I don't think of them as killers, but these four don't pause for an instant to try to calm the man, they just kill him. 

Watch the whole video--I insist--and tell me this guy deserved to die or that the police acted in a reasonable way. He had been there for TEN HOURS, couldn't read the signs to figure out where he was supposed to go to get out to the arrivals lobby and he DIED FOR IT!

I hope someday these officers, the judge and crown attorney involved travel to some far off foreign land, say China or Pakistan or even, oh I dunno, Poland  -- and get lost in the airport for hours and hours and what with the jet lag and the lack of sleep and the confusion and frustration and the fact that no one seems to speak English, I hope they finally throw down their suitcases and just lose it and start shouting. I hope it doesn't cost them their lives because they deserve to live a long, long time with that poor bastard's needless death haunting their conscience every waking moment.

The four horsemen arrive at 6:12, at 6:40 they taser Robert Dziekanski, for the first time. By about 9:30 he seems to be dead, and the Mounties never even try artificial resuscitation, in fact they don't even seem to be in any rush to try to get medical help for the man they have just murdered.

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