Thursday, December 04, 2008

Dear Jim,

Yooou muppet:

Toronto MP Jim Karygiannis told reporters after emerging from the Liberal caucus meeting Thursday afternoon that he didn't think the NDP-Liberal coalition would survive until Parliament resumes on Jan. 26.

"The coalition, the way that we're going right now, won't survive," he told reporters in Ottawa.

The coalition won't survive if people like you don't keep their gobs shut. Maybe you mean well, and maybe you think you're helping the situation, but really, please, just be quiet. Why? Because a certain Machiavellian political virus we all know and loathe will use comments like that as a vector and kill your chances of ever coming out of the political wilderness.

Grits, you have a good thing going with this coalition idea. Don't piss it away by being Liberals. Same goes for the other two. If you're serious about being a coalition, if you're serious about destroying Harper, start identifying as One, 24.7. Because right now, Harper is massing his forces and preparing for a counter attack. If you thought he wanted you finished before, it ain't nothing like now. Because the thing with bullies and cheats is that you have to not only knock them down, you have to hit them so hard they can't get up without a paramedic. The only thing Harper should see when he looks at you is a solid wall of 24" thick union- made Canadian rolled homogeneous steel, on tracks, bristling with Trudeau calibre political fire-power, and draped in red and white. You're at war now and you're on the offensive. You had better be prepared to do what it takes to win.

Like this.

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